Governor Sule places the Rector on mandatory leave and suspends the IMAP governing council

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Isa Mustapha Agwai Polytechnic, IMAP, Lafia has been suspended by Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State, who has also ordered Dr. Justina Anjide-Kotso, the school’s rector, to take mandatory leave starting immediately.

On Friday, Secretary to the State Government Muhammad Ubandoma-Aliyu issued the decision, stating that the white paper committee’s report from the visiting panel needed an unfettered inquiry.

This action was prompted by the visiting panel’s report, which was handed to Governor Sule on February 2nd by Engineer Ali Rabiu.

A comprehensive examination free from interference from the present leadership is the goal of the Governor’s decision, according to Ubandoma.

Considering Governor Sule’s prior support for Dr. Justina Anjide-Kotso’s work in repositioning IMAP prior to the establishment of the visitation panel, this move is surprising.

The governor had earlier praised her, saying that during her time in office, the school went from not having any technical accreditation to becoming a model of academic performance.

At first, we operated a polytechnic that lacked proper technical certification. We offer four accredited technical classes today. At this point, it is fair to call ourselves a polytechnic. Her menstrual cycle is when it occurs.

It would not have been possible without her, her management, and all those who helped make it happen.

about be fair, not even the IMAP Lafia we’re referring about was a polytechnic when we first arrived.

“No, it wasn’t. Never before has it been. Reason being, they lacked any kind of technical certification. The Governor had expressed his disappointment that none of the classes offered were technical.

In order to protect the “integrity and security of the institution,” Mrs. Anjide-Kotso had also introduced the registration site and cleansed and blocked any potential system leaks.

The Students Union Government (SUG) commended her for establishing a registration gateway and preventing system leaks, praising IMAP as an example of academic achievement.

Despite the recent occurrences, SUG President Ayaka Peter Ekom expressed hope about the future of the institution in a statement.

He praised the students’ unwavering dedication to IMAP and their ongoing support of the organization.

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