Governments may divert palliatives, Soludo is correct – Shehu Sani

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Socio-political analyst Shehu Sani has defended Anambra State Governor Charles Soludo on the distribution of palliative care.

Sani pointed out that some governors of states might use the money as a palliative to pay contractors, make up for owed wages, pay off domestic debt, and other things.

He encouraged the Bola Tinubu administration to make sure that the monies for palliative care were subject to appropriate checks.

Sani stated on Twitter that “without proper check, some states will use palliative funds to pay contractors they are owing, pay the inherited backlog of salaries and pensions, use it to settle their domestic debts with Banks, or use it to settle political supporters; Soludo is right, all states are not equal.”

In light of the hardship Nigerians are experiencing as a result of the elimination of gasoline subsidies, Soludo had encouraged governors to be more frugal with their use of cash on Thursday.

Governors should not ignore the plight of Nigerians, Soludo advised.

He claimed that while their subjects were experiencing difficulties, it would be disrespectful for governors to travel in extensive convoys.

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