Gov. Lawal requests assistance from TETFund to improve education in Zamfara

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The Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) has been requested for assistance by Zamfara Governor Dauda Lawal in order to improve the state’s educational system.

The governor stated that Zamfara is not doing well in education, which is why the state needs support. He made the request while paying a visit to TETFund’s Executive Secretary, Arc Sonny Echono, on Friday in Abuja.

“As you are all aware, Zamfara is a small state that struggles with insecurity, especially when it comes to education. You will concur with me if you look at all the facts that Zamfara is not doing well, so we need to remain upbeat.

Without education, we won’t be able to do anything and we’ll keep moving backward, the governor declared.

In the general elections in 2023, Governor Lawal, who took office precisely two months ago, said he focused his campaign on security and education. He added that he is, however, constrained by the lack of financial means to address the issues.

“Considering the state’s financial resources, I am constrained, and this is where the assistance will come from; ES (Executive Secretary), I am here; Zamfara needs support. The governor added, “I know you’re doing great, but you can do better.

The governor praised TETFund for its numerous initiatives across the nation’s higher education institutions.

In response, the head of the TETFund stated that the Fund was extremely pleased with the governor’s zeal for human capital development and emphasized that Zamfara is resource-rich and must utilize its potential for its educational growth.

The executive secretary responded to the governor’s request by stating that the TETFund has previously made provisions on the security issue as it relates to public tertiary educational institutions.

“The issue of insecurity is the biggest problem Zamfara’s institutions have faced throughout the years, especially in the last few years. Because we made provisions for security infrastructure this year under our intervention, we did create arrangements for the majority of the institutions.

“We have gathered the requests from the institutions; in fact, we began with one of them, but we have around three that we hope to address in the next weeks and we will be able to make allocations in that regard.

In addition, Echono stated that “other interventions will be made based on the approved guidelines that we already have while those that won’t be made this year will be given priority for the following disbursement cycle.”

The Zamfara administration has received praise from the Executive Secretary for the dramatic rise in the number of candidates from the state who have recently taken the national common entrance examination for admission to Federal administration Colleges.

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