Gov. Abdulrazaq establishes the Kwara Hospice Committee

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On Tuesday, Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq inaugurated a 12-person committee to distribute the N5 billion in palliatives to the State.

He reaffirmed the government’s dedication to ensuring that the distribution process is completely impartial, open, and trustworthy.

The palliative, according to the governor, is just one of several measures the government has taken to improve the economy and help the populace cope with the effects of the loss of fuel subsidies.

It is crucial to make it clear that food palliatives are merely a temporary solution to express empathy and help those in need, especially the weakest among us.

“Since the termination of fuel subsidies, the government has taken other actions as well. The government is investing a significant amount of money to speed up the nationwide adoption of gas and electric vehicles, as well as to increase the productivity of manufacturing, small and medium-sized businesses, and agriculture.

AbdulRazaq told the committee, “We are in this together, and I beg that we work together as one people connected by one destiny to overcome this present difficulty.

He continued, “We have established this committee to make the distribution of the palliative as impartial, open, inclusive, and credible as humanly feasible. We have faith in your judgment and resolve to create the necessary palliatives to reach both the most remote and accessible areas of our State.

The Governor thanked the committee members for agreeing to serve and urged them to make Kwara an excellent example.

The committee’s mandate is for it to communicate with various groups of people, including labor and trade unions, marketers, and beneficiaries in order to create a list that is as representative as possible.

In addition to advising the government on how to handle the palliative’s maize component, the committee will coordinate and distribute the rice palliative in 10kg sacks.

According to the terms of reference, a variety of factors, including the receipt of the remaining N2 billion to be paid to the State and utilized to buy fresh consignments of food products, would decide how long it would take to complete the assignment.

Police Commissioner Ebunoluwa Rotimi Adelesi made the following statement on behalf of the committee: “We thank His Excellency for considering us worthy and for having faith in us to be members of this committee.

“We commit to being open. We won’t disappoint the governor or the state.

“We will take into account the deserving individuals who are meant to receive the palliatives. We shall adhere to the terms of reference and be open and transparent with the public about what we are doing. We won’t disappoint you.

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