Fear: Ohanaeze Supports State Police, Expresses High Regard for FG and Governors

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Ohanaeze Ndigbo global, the supreme lgbo socio-cultural organization, has praised the federal government and the governors of the states for consenting to the nationwide establishment of state police.

The formation of state police was a long-sought solution to Nigeria’s security problems, and Ohanaeze had been a leading voice in this movement.

This decision is a reflection of the realization that security is a local concern and that community policing is the crucial component needed to tackle insecurity, especially in the South-East area, according to a statement signed on Friday by Ohanaeze’s factional Secretary-General, Mazi Okechukwu lsiguzoro.

The installation of the state police, according to Ohanaeze, is in line with a major proposal from the reports of the 2014 Constitutional Conference, which the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari was afraid to implement.

President Bola Tinubu deserves praise for guiding the execution of this crucial advice in a roundabout way. With this historic decision, the period of terror surrounding the deployment of Christian and Igbo personnel to areas held by Boko Haram has come to an end.

Igbo youth used to view police recruitment drives as a surefire way to meet their maker; they were afraid that the police would send them to the regions of the north that were fighting Boko Haram and banditry. It did, however, note that “a new ray of hope emerges” with the advent of community policing and state police.

The group came to the conclusion that there are tremendous opportunities to create jobs through the establishment of state police and the adoption of community policing, particularly in light of the severe young unemployment problem.

To guarantee that every employee serves their community with unfaltering commitment, it proposes stationing staff in their appropriate areas.

Igbo youngsters, free from the burden of deployment fears to the North, will enthusiastically take advantage of the President’s new announcement on enhanced police recruitment.

“The Ndigbo people are adamant that they think the formation of a state police force is the long-awaited solution to our problems, an important step in fixing the widespread security issues that have beset our country. “We are fully committed to supporting and working with the government and other relevant stakeholders to make sure this historic decision is implemented successfully,” it continued.

On Thursday in Abuja, President Bola Tunubu and the governors of the states finally gave their approval for the creation of the state police to reduce security incidents.

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