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Ex-wife of Harrysong tells singer that he would be held liable if anything were to happen to their children

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Peres, Alexer It has been cautioned that Harry, the singer’s estranged wife, would be held accountable in the event that anything were to happen to their children.

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She went on to say that after they split up, they decided to share parenting responsibilities, but the artist still wouldn’t commit after a month.

The musician was accused by Alexer of being a neglectful father. She said that he had taken her phone and erased “all evidence” that may incriminate him.

The artist, according to the ex-wife, is harassing and threatening her mother, and she has decided to speak out about it.

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As an Instagram story, Alexer shared the following: “@iamharrysong You will be held accountable if anything were to happen to my children. This is so uninspired.

I have more of those receipts than you realize. This is how you believe I should be approached: by blocking you. We can co-parent peacefully; you only committed to do so for a month, and now you’re saying you’re pulling out.

Just how? Deleted all data from my phone, including any proof I may have had, and then took it. My mom is still being threatened by you. Am no longer going to keep silent.

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