I was about to become homeless before God gave me the smash song “Humble Smith

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Humble Smith, a Nigerian artist better known by his stage name Ekenedirichukwu Ijemba, has admitted that in 2015 he was on the verge of turning to begging when a supernatural intervention saved him.

The 32-year-old claimed that he initially went to a church in Lagos to ask for assistance but subsequently changed his mind after finding inspiration for his popular song “Osinachi” there.

This information was revealed by Humble Smith on a recent Trending segment on Hip TV with reality star Kimoprah.

Despite working on many musical projects, including filming a music video in London, he claimed he found it difficult to gain attention.

“Osinachi, every line in that song is just me [my story],” he remarked. This is a real-life incident. I can relate to everyone through something.

“In the church, I scribbled ‘Osinachi’. I went to the church to ask for donations for food. However, something informed me I’m not a beggar when I arrived to the church. God therefore blessed me with the church song.

Humble Smith explained how Phyno and Davido were added to the song and remix, saying, “After recording the song, they [my crew] were like, ‘Guy you never blow, you need to put someone [superstar] for the song to blow.’

We had to contact Phyno for it, so. The song later gained popularity after Davido contacted Phyno, and he requested a remix. Thank you so much, sir

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