Eid-el-Kabir: Police advise Muslims, “We permit you to slaughter rams, cook jollof rice

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The Ogun State police announced that they had given Muslims in the state permission to butcher rams in advance of the 2023 Eid-el-Kabir feast.

According to a statement made by Omotola Odutola, the police public relations officer, “the Ogun State Police Command Headquarters had “given permission” to the slaughtering of rams only, not killing, shooting.”

“Anything short of that will incur the wrath of the Law,” warned Odutola, adding that the authorization given to Muslims during the holiday includes “division of labor to cooking, and friendly coexistence, and the expectant long wait of the cooked pot of jollof rice and condiments.”

In order to “ensure polite and firm screening of ingress and egress of persons, vehicles, and luggage, at various official lecture venues,” she stated that sufficient security will be deployed at all prayer grounds.

Odutola stated that “anyone or group that has planned to foment trouble does that at his or their peril, and at the detriment of his or their peace,” adding that “there will be crack policemen to ensure hitch-free Sallah celebrations.”

He cautioned the people of Ogun to enjoy the celebration while avoiding any disturbances or public offenses by advising them to keep away from the crowds.

Odutola noted that “both Muslims and Christians have continued to celebrate this Sallah over the years, sharing in the big pot of Ram and rollof rice, thanking God for the year, and a successful Hajj operation.” The command congratulates all Muslim faithful on the occasion.

In order to ensure efficient crowd management in parks and picnic areas, she stated that “security personnel will man the houses of notable Islamic clerics, political leaders, traditional rulers, and top government officials during and after the celebration.”

Police and other sister agencies would be seen monitoring the state, Odutola continued, and reasonable stop-and-searches would only be conducted when absolutely necessary in cases of suspicion.

Native Americans are urged to report anyone suspected of upsetting the peace and tranquility anywhere by calling the control center at 09159578888 or the toll-free number 08081770416 during and after the event.

“All security personnel, excluding plain clothes detectives, will take control of flashpoints because the command is looking everywhere.

She urged the people of Ogun to carry on with their celebrations without becoming alarmed by any looming danger.

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