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Drake has accused Whitney of paternity fraud, who is engaged to Kendrick Lamar

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In a new diss track called “Family Matters,” Drake, a Canadian rapper, leveled hefty accusations against Whitney Alford, Lamar’s fiancée. This has escalated the animosity between the two hip-hop artists.

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Drake dropped hints in the song that Lamar isn’t the real dad to one of his kids.

One of their offspring, he said, belonged to David Isaac Friley, better known as Dave Free, his creative partner and co-founder of pgLang.

“The Black Messiah wed a mixed-race queen, used vanilla cream to boost his self-esteem, and is now interested in Whitney’s needs,” Bobby said.

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In his rapping, he mentions the possibility that one of your children is Dave Free’s.

Whitney, Lamar’s mixed-race fiancée, and Lamar have been together for nearly 20 years; they’re childhood sweethearts. They have two children together, which is a blessing.

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