Donald Trump calls off rally, pushes Joe Biden to debate in public US election: I’m really disappointed

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After heavy rainfall forced him to postpone his rally, former US president Donald Trump expressed his regret.

He told the thousands of people waiting at the Wilmington airport that the event would be rescheduled to be “bigger and better” and would not happen as planned.

A request for debates between President Joe Biden and the former US president was made shortly before the original event in Willington, North Carolina was canceled.

A rainstorm was heading toward the airport, which was supposed to host the event on Saturday, so organizers decided to call it off.

On his way to the airport, Trump called rallygoers to announce a new, “bigger and better” date for the event.

Following a week of largely remaining silent in a New York courtroom, it would have been the initial public message by the Republican presidential candidate to his followers.

Thousands of Trump supporters, some of whom had waited in hot and humid weather since early morning, heard him say, “I’m devastated that this could happen but we want to keep everybody safe,” as his voice was boosted by speakers.

A rain check may be necessary, in my opinion. Trump expressed his sadness.

Announcing “Debate Anytime, Anywhere,” the post went on to say. “The debates can be overseen by the Commission on Presidential debates (CPD),” a subsidiary of the corrupt Democratic National Committee.

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