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Claiming to have discriminated against Black employees, Kanye West filed a lawsuit

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Divided opinion The American artist Kanye West is facing accusations of anti-Black bigotry in a lawsuit.

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Benjamin Deshon Provo has filed a new lawsuit against musician Kanye West, claiming that he fired him and berated other Black employees at Donda Academy because Provo refused to get his dreadlocks trimmed.

Provo, who has been a security guard at Donda Academy since 2021, said in his Los Angeles complaint that he had “emotional distress” due to what he perceived as West’s behavior, which reportedly included terminating him for declining to get his hair trimmed.

He said that he was forced to deny West’s request to “shave your heads” because of his Muslim beliefs.

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It was also said by Provo that white employees made $5 more than black employees per hour.

Along with another accusation made by former Donda Academy instructor Cecilia Hailey in a lawsuit that was filed in April 2023, he additionally claimed that West had forbidden literature about Black history at the school, including those regarding legends like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X. As things stand, the trial for that case is scheduled for April 2025.

A number of allegations, including discrimination, a hostile work environment, retaliation, and breaches of the labor code, have led Provo to seek damages.

A few months back, Kanye West made the controversial remark in a video that went viral: his family isn’t “Black but Indian.”

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