Actor in Nollywood Bolanle Ninalowo declares separation from wife

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Actor Bolanle Ninalowo of Nollywood has announced the dissolution of his marriage to Bunmi.

On Friday, he announced it in an Instagram post.

He pleaded for Nigerians to respect their privacy after announcing that they had decided to move forward with an irreconcilable marriage dissolution.

“Finally, I accept the truth of a road’s end,” Ninalowo wrote. A depressing truth that leaves room and hope for a better and more fruitful future! A sad truth for my gorgeous and devoted children, but one that is vital for a happy and loving future.

“A horrible truth that I prayed, cherished, and labored endlessly to never encounter for the benefit of everyone. Now that my kids are much older and have a better grasp of my pain and problems with them, it’s a terrible fact I must embrace.

It’s a sobering fact that I won’t live or be here forever, therefore I should take good care of my physical and mental health for the sake of everyone.

“May God help me, provide me the rewards I rightfully deserve, or, if necessary, punish me for everything I have done wrong. We shall all have to live with the results of our decisions in the end. Sad but true nonetheless! For the benefit of the same kids I battled so hard to never be parted from, I must now do and be better.

“The experience up to this point has further strengthened me as I accept what I actually need and deserve for all of my tireless hard work and attempts in life. I stand up as I share this terrible but genuine news with the same world that appreciates my beautiful family and I, still grieving but not yet completely broken.

“My wife and I have chosen to part ways and are moving toward an unsalvageable divorce.

Please respect our privacy and offer prayers for us as we go through this journey of healing and independence while caring for the people we love most, our children. Godspeed to everybody.

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