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Buni issues a stern warning against the intentional destruction of palliative care resources

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Mai Mala Buni, the governor of Yobe State, has given the newly formed Committee on Palliatives the directive to collect resources for prompt distribution in order to mitigate the negative effects of the termination of gasoline subsidies.

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This instruction came from Buni on Monday in the form of a statement that was released by his Spokesman, Mohammed, and was made available to newsmen.

“The Committee has begun its work and is currently formulating plans and strategies to cover every area of society, with a particular emphasis on those who are in need.

“It is going to be comprehensive and comprehensive, with priority attention given to those who truly deserve the support,” he said. “It is going to be comprehensive and comprehensive.”

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The Governor also gave the group the order to devise a comprehensive strategy for determining which areas require urgent, intermediate, and long-term interventions and to map out this strategy.

He went on to explain that the State Emergency Management Agency, or SEMA, has already begun distributing food materials to People Living with Disabilities. He also assured the audience that the government would provide support in other crucial sectors, such as transportation, and would continue with its empowerment programs, in addition to providing accessible and affordable healthcare delivery and education, among other things.

He stated that “the intervention would cover every sector in the private sector, civil servants, farmers, and students among others,” and he continued by saying that “the intervention would cover every sector in the private sector.”

Buni pleaded with the populace to assist the government in fulfilling its promise to offer assistance to the populace in order to mitigate the effects of the difficult times.

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However, he issued a warning that the government would not put up with any act of sabotage that would impede this commendable action in order to deny the people the support that they required.

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