ATASP-1 supports efforts to modernize agriculture in an inventive way, says Mbah

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The Federal Government’s Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Programme (ATASP – Phase one), according to Enugu State Governor Barr Peter Mbah of Enugu State, is in line with the State government’s efforts to innovatively transform agriculture.

Chief Nwabueze Ubru, the Commissioner for Agriculture and Agro-Industrialization, spoke on behalf of Mbah on Wednesday at the beginning of the ATASP-1 (Adani-Omor Zone) Steering Committee Meeting in Enugu.

According to him, the ATASP-1 initiative had in fact transformed the farmers who were benefiting in the chosen boundary villages in the two States of Anambra and Enugu.

Young people and women in the villages were asked by the governor to “take advantage of the learning, improved seedlings, good pest management method, and agricultural extension services inside the scheme.

“ATASP-1 is establishing 21st-century agricultural enterprises in rural communities and supplying sustainable employment and engagement of rural people, especially our youth and women in Adani axis of Enugu State and Omor axis of Anambra State,” according to the project’s website.

Youth restlessness in rural areas has decreased as a result, according to him, and they are now more actively engaged in productive activities.

Mbah reaffirmed that the State government would continue to provide the program with the required support and suggested that it be expanded to include more rural residents among its beneficiaries.

The meeting’s goal, according to the Zonal ATASP-1 (Adani and Omor) Co-ordinator, Dr. Romanus Egba, was to review what ATASP-1 had accomplished in the zone over the course of the first half of the year and beyond.

Egba said the gathering would examine the program’s successes and difficulties in implementing its other objectives outside of farming, including community and rural projects such rural roads, schools, clinics, and marketplaces.

He claims that the program has already increased investment in agriculture and food security in the two States, hence enhancing socioeconomic well-being.

In the communities taking part in the program, he stated, “We are working to put up infrastructure for functional irrigational facilities for massive dry season farming this year.”

The chairman of the Ayamelum Transitional Committee in Anambra, Mr. Livinus Onyenwe, stated that the initiative had improved livelihood and engagement in rural areas as well as changed local farmers’ agricultural techniques.

“I commend ATASP-1 for building the rural roads and bridges in the council area and giving hundreds of young people jobs.

In order for the program to succeed even further, he added, “I will also advocate for additional involvement and investment of the participating State governments in terms of assistance and counterpart financial payment for the initiative.

The Executive Chairman of Udenu LGA, Chief Solomon Onah, was represented at the event by Mr. Chinedu Nnadi, who thanked the ATAS-1 co-funding institutions for their consistent support of rural community development and rural people in general.

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