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As the DG cautions corps members, respect the cultures of your host community

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Members of the National Youth Service Corps, or NYSC, have been advised to abide by the norms and traditions of their host communities and refrain from taking any actions that would cause them to clash with one another during their service year.

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Brigadier General Yusha’u Dogara Ahmed, the director general of the NYSC, gave this advice to corps members while visiting the Adamawa State Orientation Camp in Damare, Girei Local Government Area of the State.

The Director-General also paid a visit to his or her colleagues at the Taraba State Orientation Camp in Simbre.

He gave the corps members advice when they were in both camps to research their new surroundings after the orientation course, get to know their culture and traditions, and strive to instill new principles.

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In addition, General Ahmed advised them to take care of their own safety and avoid any dangerous adventures.

According to him, wearing uniforms improperly and making illegal trips throughout the service year are punishable by fines under the NYSC Byelaws.

The Director General issued a warning against abusing social media, stating that it should instead be used “for the promotion of national unity and integration, self-development, and other meaningful activities.”

Avoid using drugs, attending illicit gatherings, and always dress in accordance with the NYSC dress code, he said.

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General Ahmed encouraged the corps members to take use of the NYSC SAED program’s chances to become job creators during his visit, which fell in line with the presentation of the program’s Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development in both camps.

All 1,139 enrolled corps members, according to NYSC Adamawa State Coordinator Mr. Jingi Dennis, have gotten used to camp life and are prepared to contribute to the growth of their host towns.

Similar to this, General Ahmed was informed by the State Coordinator for Taraba camp, Mr. Tony Nzoka, that 1,141 corps members—including 601 men and 540 men—have been shown remarkable fervor by taking part in all camp activities.

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