Actress Peggy Ovire detains a cast member for stealing on the set of a movie

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Peggy Ovire, a well-known Nollywood actress, recently had a production crew member arrested on her set for stealing a generator gas cylinder and other equipment.

On Monday, the actress shared a video of the suspect’s arrest on her Instagram page and simply called him Chizoba.

Peggy described how she met the suspect on the set and that the project was being shot at an apartment she had rented out to the crew.

“Dear film makers, this post is for you all to never employ this guy called Chizoba,” the actress warned her coworkers in a message on her blog. When the task was finished, this guy returned to take gas cylinder and generator parts worth $80,000 and sold them for $15,000 two weeks ago. I first met him on a set where I was working. The production was filming at an apartment I asked them to rent.

“This same person returned today for the third time to steal a different cylinder before being discovered. When they called to say that someone had been apprehended and that he was claiming to be a movie director, I was at the gym.

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