United players: “Start today, show your worth” (EPL)—Rooney

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An iconic Manchester United player, Wayne Rooney, has challenged his teammates to prove themselves this season.

Rooney expressed his desire for Erik ten Hag’s team to prove they are worthy of playing for Manchester United.

According to the ex-England striker, Manchester United’s current campaign is far worse than the team’s seventh-place result in 2013–14 under David Moyes.

“It never felt as bad as it is now,” Rooney told Sky Sports, adding, “We finished 7th under Moyes.”

All of the players are battling for a spot in the team’s future, he said. You have an obligation as a player to prove that this football club is worth your time and effort.

In the FA Cup final, you can’t just activate it. Today is the day it must begin.

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