Those advocating for a military coup profit from the current state of affairs – CSO

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Those demanding a military coup d’état because of the economy are making money off of the country’s security problems, according to ADD, a civil society organization.

This was said in a statement made on Monday in Abuja by the group’s convener, Mr. Gbenga Osho.

He claims that Nigeria’s opponents, seeing the military’s success in the fight against criminals, terrorists, and bandits, have resorted to pushing for a coup in order to sow social discord.

He said the coup plotters were “wicked and retrogressive” and that they were not looking out for the country’s best interests.

The leader of the organization praised General Christopher Musa, the chief of defense staff, for his strong warning to the coup plotters.

According to him, the defense chief has called the coup plotters “enemies of Nigeria” and promised to punish them to the letter of the law.

According to the organizer, General Musa has already stated categorically that the Nigerian Armed Forces would stand for democracy no matter what.

According to Osho, the military has been an invaluable asset in strengthening democracy in the country, and it has continued to make sacrifices to keep the country safe and secure from anarchy.

We are pleased that Gen. Christopher Musa and the current leadership of the Nigerian Armed Forces have repeatedly stated that the military will be faithful to President Bola Tinubu and the constitution.

“We in ADD are urging Nigerians to remain loyal to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to support the military under Gen. Musa in their determination to restore peace and stability quickly,” the organization stated.

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