The national anthem should have been “Great Nation” by Timi Dakolo, according to Adekunle Gold

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According to Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold, the country would have been better off returning to Timi Dakolo’s “Great Nation” as its national anthem instead of the previous one.

The National Anthem Bill 2024, which reintroduces the traditional song “Nigeria, We Hail Thee,” was signed into law by President Bola Tinubu on Wednesday, according to 460PLAY.

In response, Adekunle Gold questioned why the ruling class hadn’t considered “Great Nation” by Timi Dakolo for use as the national song.

“No one thought Timi Dakolo’s Great Nation makes a better anthem?” he said on his X Twitter.

Mental responses were provoked by his article.

A selection of responses, compiled by 460PLAY, are as follows:

According to @jachukwu, “that song would have been the one to use if they were seeking an anthem to inspire patriotism and love of country.”

“Indeed, that song has the power to move even the most unpatriotic Nigerian to shout’sasageyo!'” @CarmillaXander said.

The lyrics are too profound for a carefree nation, therefore, according to @Tyekooon.

A lovely hymn might be composed from that, as @xybox put it.

“When these long-gone politicians finally depart from this earth, I pray that the lawmakers of the future will reject this colonial identifier and embrace the motto ‘Great Nation.'”

There’s no denying that it retains the contentious and disparaging term “tribe,” as pointed out by @BFMPLUS.
We need to shed the label of “tribal people” immediately.

“No white man ever voluntarily consents to be referred to as a tribesman.”

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