The four most formidable strikers that John Terry encountered in the English Premier League

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John Terry, a former captain for Chelsea, has revealed the names of the four strikers he struggled to stop throughout his playing career.

They are as follows: Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero, Wayne Rooney, and Thierry Henry.

One person he “feared the most,” though, was Henry, he said.

Terry made the announcement during his induction into the Premier League Hall of Fame on Monday, which he shared with Andy Cole, a star from Manchester United.

For his part, he admitted that Thierry Henry was the most formidable opponent he had ever faced.

We must move on to Wayne Rooney. He accomplished tremendously as a top-tier player.

I don’t know if the impact of Wayne’s initial breakthrough with the England squad is perhaps underappreciated.

I had the pleasure of playing with him during our England training sessions and competing against him in the Premier League. The man was outstanding.

It was tough to go up against Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane, in my opinion.

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