Premier League: United have handed Ten Hag something that Mourinho didn’t get

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United did not back José Mourinho to the same extent that they backed Erik ten Hag, according to Mourinho.

The Dutchman has received a great deal of backing and faith, and Mourinho said in an interview with the UK Telegraph that he might have been even better if he had had it.

Between 2016 and 2018, United won the Europa League and the Carabao Cup under Mourinho’s leadership.

But in December 2018, with his club eleven points off of the Champions League spots, he was fired.

“I got along well with [previous CEO] Ed Woodward. From a more subjective perspective, it’s good,” Mourinho stated.

“We even send an SMS now. However, it was not ideal from a professional standpoint. Here I am. I play football. Ed isn’t from Manchester United, and I lacked Ten Hag’s resources while he was there.

“I was not supported to that extent. That degree of trust was lacking in me. As a result, I departed feeling down, as if I had only just begun.

There were times when I wondered whether things might have turned out differently if they had just believed in my background and trusted me.

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