Oshiomhole: “N30,000 minimum wage is criminal; I pay my cleaner N60,000

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Adams Oshiomhole, a senator from Edo North, has criticized the N30,000 minimum salary.

The present minimum wage, according to Oshiomhole, is a “criminal wage,” and he emphasized that he pays his cleaner N60,000.

Oshiomhole claimed on Sunday Politics on Channels Television that the present minimum wage was insufficient for workers.

“What we call minimum wage is a criminal wage,” claims Oshiomhole.

“I can tell you how much I’m paying my cleaning. I doubt that my cleaner even has a high school diploma; she only attends primary school. However, she is competent enough to clean the house.

“I discovered that I was unable to give her anything less than N60,000, or even N60,000. Concerning my conscience. I’m attempting to calculate how much she must spend on a home. She revealed to me that she has four kids.

“I cannot question why she should have four children, but I’m trying to imagine how she has to care for those children.”

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