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I was a virgin waiting for my marriage, said Khosi of the BBTitans


Makhosazane Twala, aka Khosi, the winner of the first season of Big Brother Titans, has admitted that she was a devout Christian throughout her adolescence.

She said that she was a virgin and avoided social vices during her adolescent years.

In a recent interview with media personality Hero Daniels, she made this claim.

“Believing in the Higher Power has always been a big thing in my life,” the reality star claimed. Just that some parts of it were more powerful than others.

When I was 18, I underwent baptism. Between the ages of 18 and 21, I had such a strong faith. I didn’t consume alcohol or smoke. While I waited for my husband, I was a virgin [laughs] . When I was 22 years old, I was shocked.

She asserted that her belief that she is still virgin is a mental one.

The South African journalist, who is 25 years old, continued, “I have always been a pious person. I didn’t have much at the time, but things seemed to be improving. Funny enough, though, I was starting to feel down. I’m not sure how to describe it. So, I didn’t have much when I was in tertiary [university] . But I was adamant. The only plan I had was to complete my studies before putting out effort.

“I think the problem was that I got my education [graduated] and I still didn’t have a job that paid,” the speaker said.


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