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Gov. Obaseki said that the federal government’s main difficulty is its poor road network

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Nigeria’s subpar road system is a result of the ineffectiveness of the federal government, according to Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki.

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According to Obaseki, the Federal Government has fallen short of its obligations.

The amount of subpar federal highways in the State, according to Obaseki, is evidence of this.

Speaking to journalists in Benin City, Obaseki bemoaned the poor federal highways connecting Agbor in Delta State with Uromi in Esan South East.

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Obaseki claims: “I went to Esan land a few days ago and I witnessed approximately 1,000 trailers stranded on that poor Federal Government road. I drove via Uromi in Edo State to Agbor in Delta State.

“But when we entered from Igueben, Ujogba to Ugoneki in Edo State, it took a few minutes to travel through our State highways.

“The Central Government’s failure today is the issue. The Edo road system, which should be a blessing to us, is not.

“Edo’s Federal Government highways connect a number of cities throughout the nation, however they are in poor condition.

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“Edo State is a necessary stop on any journey from the West to the East, the North to the South.

The reason why none of the federal highways in this area can be driven on is stated.

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