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General Fadah, who is in charge of the NYSC, promises South Sudan help

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Brigadier General Muhammad Kaku Fadah, who is in charge of the National Youth Service Corps, has told the people of South Sudan that the Scheme is ready to help the country if it wants to copy the National Youth Service Corps program.

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Brigadier General Fadah made the promise today when South Sudanese delegates led by Sudan’s Honorable Minister of Federal Affairs, Hon. Losuba Ludoru, visited the NYSC National Directorate Headquarters in Abuja.

The Director General called the visit “historic” and said that since its start in 1973, the NYSC has been a real tool for national development.

He said that the Scheme is still Africa’s oldest one that is still in place. He said that it has lived up to expectations and has stood the test of time. He also said that if it were used in Sudan, which has a history of civil wars similar to Nigeria’s, it would do a lot to bring together the different ethnic groups in the country.

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Fadah went on to say that the Scheme should be copied because young people are at the center of every developing country and it is important to teach them national values and skills.

The NYSC Director-General thanked the delegates for using the NYSC as a reference and invited them to visit the National Directorate Headquarters, saying that the Scheme is always ready to help in any way it can.

Earlier, the Sudanese delegates’ spokesman, Hon. Losuba Ludoru, said that they were in the country to learn about Nigeria’s Federal System and how the NYSC works so that they could do the same in their own country.

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The spokesman said that South Sudan has a lot of young people and just got out of a civil war. Since South Sudan has a lot of young people and just got out of a civil war, copying the NYSC in Sudan will help with youth management for national growth and independence.

He went on to say that Nigeria is a big brother on the African continent who helped Sudan after the civil war there, and that Sudan has a very high opinion of Nigeria.

Hon. Losuba Lobaru thanked the Director General and his team of managers for making them feel welcome.

Alhaji Ahmed Wada Ikaka, who is the Director of Planning, Research, and Statistics for the NYSC, gave a talk called “Nigeria’s Federalism and Youth Mobilization for National Building.” This was the best part of the trip.

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