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Economic hardship: It’s not God’s fault, says Shehu Sani

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On Monday, Senator Shehu Sani, a former congressman from Kaduna and a social critic, stated that God is not to blame for Nigeria’s present economic crisis.

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The social critic claimed in an X post that no other country will ever get access to Nigeria’s natural resources.

The announcement follows news of a stampede that killed several people after a large crowd swarmed the Zonal Office of the Nigerian Customs Service in Yaba, Lagos, to buy the 25-kilogram bags of rice for sale.

With over 200 rivers and 923,768 kmsq of fertile terrain, Sani argued that the country’s problems did not originate from above.

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He claims that of all the African countries, Nigeria has the highest concentration of fertile women and virile men.

“Our country is blessed with over 200 rivers and a fertile arable land area of 923,768 kmsq,” he said. Our nation possesses unparalleled natural riches that no other nation can match. We outnumber any other country on this continent in terms of the number of fertile women and virile men.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, and monsoons do not occur here. This country is suitable for growing everything that can thrive in Brazil, Thailand, or Pakistan. What we need is manna. Desert green has spread even to those who got the final manna from heaven. God is not the source of our dilemma.

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