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Canada is Launching a New Expedited Immigration Program For Temporary Residents

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Canada is Launching a New Expedited Immigration Program For Temporary Residents

Canada is Launching a New Expedited Immigration Program For Temporary Residents

The new expedited immigration program is expected to take effect this fall. The government has given Minister Fraser 120 days to develop it. The details will be revealed over the coming months. For now, the program will be aimed at temporary residents.

This is a welcome move for immigrants who want to stay in Canada while waiting for permanent residency. The Canadian government is keen to encourage the creation of a skilled workforce in Canada.


A new fast-track immigration program will allow temporary foreign workers and students to become permanent residents of Canada. As of September 8, the 120-day deadline for applications is set to expire. The government is not just easing up on the application process for temporary residents.

It is also encouraging Federal Skilled Worker Program and Canadian Experience Class candidates to enrol in the new program. Moreover, the Senate is currently considering Bill C-19, which would allow IRCC to invite Express Entry candidates based on a specific economic objective, such as French language proficiency or an education credential.


To meet its goal of accepting 432,000 new immigrants this year, Canada is launching a new expedited migration program for temporary residents or CUAET. The program is designed to facilitate the processing of electronic visa applications, but applicants must still undergo the usual background checks and thorough screening before arriving in Canada.

CUAET is an alternative immigration pathway for temporary residents; it does not qualify as a refugee stream. There are other ways to apply for immigration to Canada, including the economic immigration pathway.

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Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

The QSWP is Canada’s newest expedited immigration program for skilled workers. In addition to allowing Canadians to immigrate to Quebec, the new program allows foreign graduates and students to apply directly from their home country.

The application process is simple and begins with an online expression of interest (EOI) and ends with a CSQ. You must have work experience within five years of applying.

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

The Alberta province is one of the most economically strong in the country, drawing in immigrants from around the world. In addition to fossil energy, Alberta is known for its agriculture, forestry, and tourism industries.

With the new expedited immigration program, Albertans can work in one of these industries or purchase an existing business. Here are some of the options for Albertans:

Express Entry

For those who are looking to immigrate to Canada, the new program could be a boon for temporary workers who want to remain permanently in the country. The country is currently facing a significant labour shortage, and it is trying to provide more options for essential workers to settle in the country. The new program will likely target a larger group of temporary workers, thereby allowing them to enter Canada with the right skills and qualifications.

Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)

A new immigration policy in Canada is aimed at attracting talented employees in sectors like healthcare and agriculture. While a labour market impact assessment is often necessary for immigrants to be considered for permanent residence, the new AIP process can simplify the process for talented temporary residents.

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And because the new program is employer-driven, it does not require it during the application process. In addition, there are three additional streams for French-speaking workers. These streams have no cap on applications.


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