6 Basic Ways to promote your music in Nigeria


6 Basic Ways to promote your music in Nigeria

Here, I will impart to you the Ways to advance your music in Nigeria. On the off chance that you are an impending craftsman and you need more cash for mega promotion, you have no justifiable reason to give for not self-advancing yourself and your music, since it is a must that you get elevated if you have any desire to be known.

In the music business, making the music is simply around 50% of the fight particularly here in the Nigerian music industry, where its difficult to get perceived by top record marks. music and pay attention to your music without the assistance of record names and advertisers in Nigeria.

1. Utilize Live Music Promotion

Consider live show an opportunity to bring in cash and play out your music while having a good time. This gives some particular showcasing amazing open doors to you.

You can consider shows as method for advancing your music. Illuminate your fans about your arrangements to introduce another tune or the entire collection before it is delivered.
Select one neighborhood show and transform it into an occasion. Maybe, fans that come to the show will actually want to purchase the collection before any other individual.

You can utilize shows to grow a fan base in new urban communities, states or country. Search for a neighborhood laid out band and propose a trade of title. As they open for you in your old neighborhood, you too open for them in their old neighborhood.

Simply guarantee that you pick a band with a similar melodic style as you have. A couple of times you do this will prompt you having the option to do your own featuring show.

2. Distinguish Your Audience

You can go belly up while attempting to market to everyone. You really want to recognize your “Family,” individuals who are probably going to see the value in the music you are advancing, and individuals who pay attention to your web-based music. Go to scenes that highlight your sort of music and focus on who is in the crowd. Attempt to analyze sites that offer comparative music and figure out who their promotions are intended for.

Make a profile of your ideal fan base. Incorporate age, orientation if material. Choose where they would doubtlessly reside, how much cash they could acquire, and what their objectives might be. A portion of this comes from your impulses, and some of it comes from asking individuals nitty gritty inquiries. to those crowds.

3. Sending off Album and Listening Party

So you have recently utilized verbal exchange to contact more individuals, what’s going on?

Indeed, you can likewise utilize sending off your collection and listening party to reach and interface with admirers of music.
The flyers you utilized in the past advance as of now give you every one individuals you really want.

Presently toss a not-really extravagant listening party which is beneath $500 what might be compared to N180,000.

Hand out two or three bites, beverages and begin sending off and doing your starting party.
In the age where everything or everybody is currently advanced, individuals will transfer short clasps of your listening party to their Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram accounts.

This gives you more openness and possibly arrives at companions of companions of individuals you welcomed.

4. Offer Your Songs for Free Downloads

You will acquire fame and your tunes will contact a wide crowd when you offer your melodies for nothing downloads.

Individuals by and large love free music downloads, so on the off chance that you can transfer your tunes to music destinations, for example, Kennymp3, Musikally, Reverbnation and Soundcloud, you can elevate your download connections to your fans on the person to person communication sites.

For you to keep your tunes available for use, request that your fans look at your profile on these music destinations and furthermore share it with their companions. You shouldn’t show a lot of worry on the pay, as this becomes conceivable when your tunes become famous and individuals will begin calling you to perform at shows.

5. Web-based Entertainment Promotion

Been dynamic on Social Media ought to be one of your needs as a craftsman, Get begun by making a record on stages to advance your music online, for example, Continuously update your profile reliably with captivating pictures and accounts of you from studio recording.

With these, you can get fans from Nigeria along with wherever all through the world via web-based entertainment. Attempt to zero in on getting excellent supporters who are keen on your music and in addition to a lot of dreadful huge devotees. You can contact an online entertainment special organization to assist with this.

6. Collaborate with Other Musicians

Think about joint effort as a useful asset for your music advancement. It is probably the quickest method for advancing your music and develop your fan base since you will have the chance to get your music before another gathering.

Decide to team up with performers whose fans would adore and value your music, and furthermore work with groups with a similar fan base.

You can attempt to record a cover tune or two together and discharge them on your Facebook pages and YouTube channels. This will assist with driving your fans to one another, and interface any melody or video you make to one another’s sites and social channels.


At the point when you need to advance your music, you ought to recollect that you want to exploit every one of the different instruments essential for running the promotion effectively. Try not to simply depend on one technique to advance your music, yet broaden your endeavors for a more extensive outcome. Assuming the above data has helped you in any capacity, go ahead and us in the remark box underneath.


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